Luxe pen kopen + gratis gravering!

Welcome to Pen Graveren. In our shop you can find different types of luxury pens from brands such as Parker, Montblanc, Waterman and Lamy. Think of fountain pens, ballpoint pens, fountain pencils and rollerball pens. There is a suitable pen for every writing enthusiast. Moreover, you can have your pen engraved: with us that service is completely free. An engraved pen is a beautiful and personal gift to give, for example at a wedding or as a present for the witnesses.

In addition to luxury writing instruments, we also offer pen refills, leather goods and diary refills. Like our pens, these items are from the most exclusive brands, so you are always assured of the best quality!

Luxury pen brands from Pen Graveren

Pen Graveren is the proud seller of several exclusive pen brands, such as Visconti, Pelikan, FranklinCovey and many more. Below is more information on some of our well-known pen brands. There is always ample choice, so there is always a suitable fountain pen, fineliner or ballpoint pen for you. Make your luxury pen a personal gift: we offer free engraving of your luxury pen!

Parker pen

The famous pen manufacturer Parker has been producing various types of writing utensils since 1888 and in 1894 was the first to patent an anti-leak system in traditional fountain pens. Today, the Parker pen is still one of the most well-known and sold pen brands in the world. Therefore, there are many different types of Parker pens available; also in the assortment of Pen Graveren. These include both luxury pens, such as the Parker Duofold, as well as affordable variants such as the Parker Jotter. You can buy a Parker pen from as little as €11.95, engraved and in your own pen box. There is always a suitable Parker pen for you!

Montblanc pen

If you are looking for a pen that exudes style and elegance, look no further than our Montblanc pens. The Montblanc company was founded in 1906 by Hamburg banker Alfred Nehemias and Berlin engineer August Eberstein. Today, Montblanc is still known as a very leading manufacturer and the epitome of luxury. With a Montblanc pen in your possession, you will make a statement that will not soon be forgotten. On Wall Street, the Montblanc pen is therefore also known as the "Power Pen": every important person should have one on his or her desk.

Waterman pen

Surely one of the most innovative pen manufacturers is Waterman Paris. This manufacturer invented the clip on the pen, which prevents the pen from sliding out of your breast pocket when bending over. Today, this clip can be found on almost all pens. In addition, every Waterman pen combines elegant design and quality. A combination that makes the Waterman pen unique. Every lover of the art of writing should own an Waterman pen, according to Waterman himself. We certainly agree with him!

Our wide range of pens

Today, with the help of the Internet, everything goes faster than fast. Still, a handwritten letter leaves a better impression on the recipient, than a quickly typed e-mail. A letter written with a fountain pen is many times more personal. Show the recipient of the letter or note that you have put time and effort into it by writing it by hand. Consider, for example, a birthday card or personal letter to a close friend. At Pen Graveren you can find all kinds of writing instruments: from fountain pens to fountain pencils. There is suitable writing utensils for everyone!

Pen sets

With a pen set from Pen Graveren, you choose two different types of pens at the same time. Think, for example, of a combination of a fountain pen and a ballpoint pen. We also have larger pen sets in our assortment. These include two pens and a leather pen case or a nice notebook. If you choose a pen set, you can have each pen engraved. This way you will instantly have a beautiful and personal gift.

Engrave a pen

At Pen Graveren you can have your pen ordered from us engraved free of charge. We will do this for you up to two lines of text per pen. Perhaps you would like to have a pen engraved with your name, or a date on which an important event took place. That is no problem with Pengraveren! Also for engraved pens: on working days ordered before 14:00 hours, is shipped the same day. While paying for your order, you can specify the text you want engraved on the pens. We center texts with two lines. Now that's service!

If you need engraved pens urgently, you can choose our express service. We will make sure that you can pick up your engraved pens the same day at our pickup address in Zaandam.  If you would like to use this service, please contact us by phone or email. We can then give you an indication of the time we will need to engrave your pens.

Pen refills

All pen ink refills run out at some point. Fortunately, Pen Graveren has several types of pen refills in its assortment, which can quickly supply your pens with ink again. Take, for example, a fountain pen converter for your Parker fountain pen, or Parker ballpoint refill. We also have different refills for your Montblanc pens, Waterman pens and Lamy pens.

Luxury leather goods

In addition to pens, and having your pen engraved, you can also find a variety of leather goods at Pen Graveren. These leather goods are all made of the highest quality leather, such as buffalo leather. This ensures that they stay beautiful for a long time and you can enjoy them for a long time to come.

Pen case

In the range of Pen Graveren you will always find a suitable pen pouch for your luxury writing utensils. This way you can carry them with you easily and safely, without damaging them. Our pen cases are available in black and brown and you can even choose a luxury buffalo leather pen case from the Luigi Raphael brand. Whether you are looking for a leather pen case for one, two or three pens, you will find it in Pen Graveren assortment.

Have a pen engraved at Pen Graveren!

Pen Graveren is at your service if you are looking for an engraved gift in the form of a luxury pen. The engraving and packaging in a gift box make the pen a very personal gift for a wedding or anniversary, for example. While placing your order, you can indicate which text you would like to have engraved on the pen. If you have special wishes, which you cannot specify during the online order, you can contact us by phone during office hours. We are ready to inspire you and would love to help you make your gift as personal as possible!

All our pens are available directly from stock: if you order before 2 p.m. on a business day, your pens will be shipped the same day. This also applies to all engraved pens! If you need an engraved pen urgently, please feel free to let us know. There is then a possibility to pick up your order in Zaandam.