Visconti Rembrandt "S" Fountain Pens

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  • The Rembrandt S Lavender, introduced in September 2023, is inspired by the Dutch Master's “Landscape with a Stone Bridge” (1638).

    The Rembrandt-S Lavender has a very rich and soothing color perfectly matching the black-coated metallic parts of the pen. The overall effect of the pen is very calming.

    The Rembrandt S fountain pen comes with a new large steel nib, finished in ruthenium and available in the finenesses, Fine and Medium.

    It has a filling system that works with a converter or cartridges.

    The main features of the Rembrandt remain unaltered on the Rembrandt S, but the colors of the S editions are inspired by Rembrandt's use of the chiaroscuro technique. 

    • Cap and barrel made of  acrylic resin
    • Filling System: Cartridge / Converter
    • Closure type: Magnetic
    • Finishing: Ruthenium
    • The fountain pen comes in a luxurius giftbox. 
    € 210,00 (€ 173,55 excl. VAT)

    Visconti Rembrandt "S" Lavender Fountain Pen

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