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  • Visconti releases a new limited edition: the Visconti Torpedo! 

    The outstanding design of this fountain pen is inspired by Bolidismo, a recent trend in Italian design. This trend goes back to 20th-century Futurism, an Italian art style characterized by dynamic shapes and an orientation towards the future.

    Visconti used two of their highlights for the body of the Torpedo pens: the working of the skeleton around the pen and the transparant windows so you can see the ink level. The fountain pen has a silver-coloured 23k palladium nib and of course the well known Visconti clip.

    This limited edition pen of Visconti is also available as a rollerball. 

    € 1.600,00 (€ 1.322,31 excl. VAT)

    Visconti Torpedo Limited Edition Fountain Pen

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    Brand: Visconti
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