Visconti Pen Pouches

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  • If you are looking for pen holder that can store your precious writing instruments, Visconti has several options.

    This modern pen pouch can store two pens, and will make sure that your pens are protected from possible damage. The material of the pen pouch consists of cowhide leather, which is known for its toughness, water-resistance and scratch proof identity. Interestingly, cowhide leather is proven to be a very sustainable and durable type of leather. 

    This holder is perfect for efficient everyday use, as the pouch opens with a zipper mechanism, of which inspiration has been taken from Visconti's iconic gold nibs that can be detected on their artistic fountain pens. In the middle of the leather's surface, the archetypal "V" of Visconti is placed. 

    € 150,00 (€ 123,97 excl. VAT)

    Visconti Black Leather Pen Pouch for 2 Pens

    Code: KL06-01
    Brand: Visconti
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  • Designed for modern globetrotters, the VSCT collection will allow you to travel light and elegant. This functional leather pen holder can hold up to 12 pens of various sizes. You can also carry it in your hand for a sophisticated look. The flocked lining is designed to protect the most valuable writing instruments.

    Luxury within reach. VSCT offers travel lovers the possibility of carrying and keeping their finest writing instruments in the best possible way.

    • Material: Palmellato leather, flocked velvet interior
    • Size: mm 160 x 35 x 260
    • Closure type: Zipper with dedicated slider
    • Metal fittings: Gold
    • Details: internal pen drawer
    € 240,00 (€ 198,35 excl. VAT)

    Visconti 12-Pen Holder Black

    Code: KL11-01
    Brand: Visconti
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