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  • Waterman Charleston Black GT Roller

    Model wit a classique look and is allready quit some time in production.
    Pen is made of resin, which keeps it shine and it is a light material.


    € 181,00 (€ 149,59 excl. VAT)

    Waterman Charleston Black GT rollerball

    Code: S0701000
    Brand: Waterman
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  • Waterman Charleston 

    The Charleston line can be seen as a nostalgic vision of the past, yet perfect for modern times. It recalls the Art Deco styling for cocktail chic of the Roaring Twenties and historic singings of silent movie stars. To create a smooth and reliable writing stile like no other, the aerodynamic lines are concealed by the latest technology. Therefore, the tapering form in classic black and gold plated trims structure a design which takes you through space and time. The performant 18K gold nib perfectly complements this unique retro design, engraved with an Art Deco design and Waterman’s hexagon, finished a palladium finish on the clip. 


    € 186,00 (€ 153,72 excl. VAT)

    Waterman Charleston Black CT Rollerball

    Code: S0701050
    Brand: Waterman
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    Stock: 30
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