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  • The Divina Elegance collection takes its inspiration and shape from three fundamental elements: the golden ratio, the nautilus and the pentagram. The ratio between the length of the cap and the pen (both capped and uncapped) follows the golden ratio.

    The structure of the pen is built according to a Fibonacci nautilus, while the shape, although slightly modified for ergonomic reasons, resembles a pentagram. The Divina Elegance collection stands out to a large extent because of the silver inlay.

    Constructing the pen is a long and lengthy process as each silver component must be applied by hand, one at a time. Although it is a laborious process, it turns the Divina Elegance writing instrument into a unique and refined jewel.

    The rollerball pen consists of acrylic resin, inlaid with silver Ag925.
    Pen body: regular, twist mechanism, “My Pen System”.

    € 569,99 (€ 471,07 excl. VAT)

    Visconti Divina Black Rollerball

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    Brand: Visconti
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